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We Have Treats For Every Dog

We Have Treats For Every Dog

Are you a fur parent and currently on the hunt for the perfect treats to spoil your delicate fur baby? Check out our 100% natural treats made for every type of pup out there, from those with allergies to senior dogs who need a little extra TLC.

Allergy-Friendly Treats - Does your doggo have allergies that make mealtime a challenge? Fear not! K9 Katering offers a wide selection of allergy-friendly treats that will keep those pesky allergies at bay. With options like single-source protein treats made with hypoallergenic ingredients, you can treat your pup without worrying about triggering their allergies. Venison Jerky treats is one of the best hypoallergenic options since its meat is considered a novel protein, meaning it is less likely to cause adverse reactions in dogs with sensitivities to common proteins. K9 Katering also offers duck, kangaroo and fish treats which are known best to be hypoallergenic.

Poor Dental Hygiene - Is your doggo's breath less than fresh, and their teeth in need of a clean? Dental health is crucial for our fur babies, and there are treats specifically made to help keep their pearly whites shining bright. Opt for treats that are designed to promote dental hygiene, such as dental chews or treats with added enzymes to break down plaque and tartar. K9 Katering offers beef, chicken, kangaroo, duck, emu, and venison treats that are best for your pooch’s dental health! Discover more benefits from these dental treats.

Sensitive Stomach Solutions - Do you have a pup that is prone to tummy troubles? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of treats made specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Made with human-grade, easily digestible ingredients, these treats will keep your pup's belly happy and healthy; K9 Katering has various easy-to-digest treats with added benefits for your dog! Say goodbye to upset tummies and hello to happy, satisfied pups!

Picky Eaters - Does your fur pal turn their nose up at just about everything you offer them? Picky eaters can be a challenge, but there are treats out there that even the fussiest pups can't resist! K9 Katering offers various single-ingredient treats with irresistible flavours and textures that are sure to tempt even the pickiest of eaters.

Senior Snacks - As our beloved pups age, their nutritional needs change too. That's why K9 Katering offers a variety selection of treats made with senior dogs in mind. Their joint-supporting treats, which are kangaroo, beef, chicken, fish, and veal meats, are packed with high protein, low fat, and glucosamine. Treat your senior dog to the love and care they deserve with K9 Katering's premium, all-natural treats!

Puppy Pleasers - Ah, puppies, the bundles of energy and mischief that steal our hearts from day one. K9 Katering knows just how important it is to start your pup off on the right paw, which is why they didn’t forget about the perfect treats for puppies. We offer lamb, beef, chicken, duck, kangaroo, and venison treats that are made with wholesome ingredients and packed with nutrients essential for growth and development. These treats are sure to put a wag in your puppy's tail! Whether you're working on obedience training or just want to spoil your little furball, K9 Katering has the perfect treats for your puppy!

So there you have it! no matter the age or dietary needs, K9 Katering has treats for every dog. Treat your precious furbaby to the best with our Australian Made range of all natural treats, they'll thank you with plenty of tail wags and kisses!

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