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Free Shipping On Orders $90+
Must Haves For Your Dog!

Must Haves For Your Dog!

So you got a dog? Welcome!

You are now part of a global community of ‘Dog People’.

From chewed up couches, to early morning walks.

Through training and cuddling, they’ll bark and you’ll talk.

You’ll pat them, they’ll lick you, you’ll pick up their poo.

You’re ‘dog people’ now, and your dog looks like you! 

Dog people want the very best for their dogs so all our treats are sustainably sourced and locally made.

Tested by our pups, and approved with wagging tails.

When you have a dog there’s so many things to think about, it’s like having a child. So, what do you need for your best friends?

1. Treats (obviously) however, choosing the right treats for your pooch is extremely important. Lots of dogs have different needs, whether they’re puppies with sharp teeth, older dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs, bigger dogs who need something to stimulate them, the list can go on. When choosing the best treats for your dog the most important thing to look out for is quality! Lots of dog treats have preservatives and fillers which aren’t healthy for your dog. We pride ourselves on delivering single ingredient, preservative free, natural dog treats that are Australian made.

2. Finding the perfect bed for your dog! That one is easy, We have partnered with the best in the business, Ambient Lounge. Ambient Lounge creates luxury pet beds for your furry friends. Why do we love Ambient Lounge? Their contemporary style fits into any home, without taking over your bedroom or living room. Their luxury beds are washable, waterproof, chew & scratchproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. They come in a range of sizes and their tops are interchangeable for winter and summer to keep your pup comfy as ever!

3. Having the pet care essentials in your home! K9 Katering aims to provide you with everything you may need to care for your pet. We recommend having a dog shampoo on standby for those in-between groom days to keep your pooch smelling and looking fresh! Our dog shampoo is made from organic ingredients, free from parabens & sulfate which is gentle on your dog’s skin and keeps their coat hydrated. Keep your home clean with a natural Urine Stain & Odour Remover, to remove stubborn stains and accidents made by our pets. Speaking of accidents, we also recommend having a first aid kid for treating minor injuries for your pooch. A great solution for pet owners in case of an unexpected emergency.

Most of all make sure you give them lots of love and cuddles.

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