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Crafting Tail-Waggingly Good Treats for Specific Dog Breeds!

Crafting Tail-Waggingly Good Treats for Specific Dog Breeds!

Dogs come in hundreds of different breeds and each one has its own characteristics, physical attributes, and nutritional requirements. In a simpler sense, the treats for a Chihuahua may not be suited for a Great Dane. 

K9 KATERING is all about complimenting a healthy diet with our premium dog treats. Whether you are rewarding good behaviour or more simply keeping your four-legged friend occupied, we have something suitable for dog breeds and sizes. We want to help you look after your dog with the power of positive nutrition. Why? Because we want to boost your dogs mood and behaviour, paw in paw with their physical health.

1. Understanding the Role of Dog Breeds in Proper Meal & Snack Planning

Dogs have evolved from different roles that go down into history. Some dogs were bred for hunting, guarding, shepherding and some for companionship. This allowed each dog breed to develop different characteristics that also required different nutritional demands.

For instance, if you happen to have a lively Pomeranian or a spirited Maltese as part of your furry family, you've probably noticed their quick metabolisms in action. That translates to a requirement for nourishing dog chow and wholesome canine delights that match their energy levels and exuberant natures. For those in-the-know, our Kangaroo Jerky or Emu Jerky from K9 KATERING are two of the best treats that you can get for your dog. They are delightful treats that are gentle on the tummy and low in fat, while offering them a taste they'll absolutely adore. 

Shifting gears to the larger members of the doggy crew – think Labradors and German Shepherds – these breeds boast quite the size and personality. As time marches on, it's no secret that these awesome dogs might face some bone and joint issues, often attributed to their substantial frames. So, what's the deal? These four-legged pals definitely appreciate a touch of special care in the nutrition department. That's where options like Chicken Giblets come into play, offering a scrumptious treat that not only satisfies the taste buds but also lends a helping paw to those important joints, ensuring they keep strutting through life comfortably as these are loaded with Iron, Zinc & Vitamin B! Another great option are Beef Bully Sticks as they are considered the "gold standard" in natural dog chews as they are high protein, low fat, contain glucosamine for joint health and are ultra-tasty!

2. Knowing the Nutritional Demands of Your Dog’s Breed

Dogs of different breeds have different nutritional needs. Like mentioned above, some breeds have a faster metabolism and require treats that gives them more energy, some breeds may require moderation in calories, while some dog breeds may need specific support whether it’s for their heart, joints, bones, etc. To help some of our dog owners out there, here are some of the best nutritional mix specific to dog breeds.

For a Labrador's Diet
Labradors tend to gain weight easily without proper exercise and physical activities, which is why treats with increased protein, reduced fat and calories are best. Since Labradors are extremely active large dogs, there is always that added pressure on their joints and bones.

Consider any of the Low Fat Treats treats from K9 KATERING or supplements to keep Labradors fit and strong.

For a German Shepherd’s Diet
You hardly see a German Shepherd who is lazy and would prefer just lounging all day. Most of the time, GSDs prefer training with their owner, going for long walks or maybe a jog around the block. German Shepherds also need 
bone and joint support. 

Consider any of the Join Health treats from K9 KATERING or supplements that will provide bone and joint support.

For a Bulldog’s Diet
Bulldogs tend to be a sedentary breed. Controlling their food intake will benefit them starting at a young age. Remember not to give them unhealthy dog treats and dog food that are full of fillers, wheat, soy and more unhealthy ingredients. When crafting a bulldog's personalised treats, keep the spotlight on easy to digest treats such as Chicken, Duck and Kangaroo treats.

Consider any of the Easy To Digest treats from K9 KATERING or supplements that will allow your dog to live their best life.

3. Being Aware of Your Dog’s Age

Apart from a dog’s breed, knowing their age is extremely important. Once your puppy starts on their puppy kibble, you can start incorporating Puppy Treats. As they grow, remember to observe any food allergies and certain effects of any dog treats and dog food.

You may need to change their diet once they start to develop certain conditions due to age. Some may need bone and joint support, some may need adjustment due to digestion.

Final Thoughts:

Always gravitate towards nourishing dog treats that cater to your doggo's well-being, offering the nutrition and support they truly deserve. This is where K9 Katering shines as your ultimate source – a haven for quality and care that ensures your furry friend's vitality and happiness, bite after tail-wagging bite.

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