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4 Benefits of Seafood-Based Dog Treats & Dog Food

4 Benefits of Seafood-Based Dog Treats & Dog Food

When it comes to the nutrition and well-being of our furry friends, we as fur-parents tend to give them our all. We spend time doing our research about the best ways on how to take care of dogs, ask around about the best food and check out healthy dog treats.

While most commercial dog food focus on having meat and grains as the primary ingredients, adding seafood to your dog’s diet can have a pawsitive effect on their overall health. Seafood for dogs are proven to be an amazing component of your dog’s meal and as healthy dog treats too.

1. Rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Popular seafood such as salmon, tuna and sardines are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 also supports your dog’s brain development, improves cognitive function, keeps joints healthy and enhances cardiovascular health.

Not a lot of dog treats have omega 3 as part of their ingredients but you would be happy to know that you can get that from K9 KATERING’s line of seafood dog treats.

2. Improved Skin & Coat Health: The most visible positive effect of seafood dog treats and dog food for dogs is the change in their coat and skin once you add it to their diet.

Depending on what your dog eats, environment, weather and temperature, their skin can react to it in different ways. You can have a dog with more sensitive skin that tends to get itchy, flaky even red. Regular consumption of seafood dog food or seafood dog treats can help address such skin conditions.

3. Enhanced Join Health: Like us hoomans, our dog’s joints also become weak as they age. For senile or aging dog, regular consumption of omega-3 rich food and natural dog treats can help in improving mobility and reduce discomfort.

4. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Hold it right there! Don’t think that humans are the only ones getting high blood pressure problems and other cardiovascular complications. The Australian Veterinary Association, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. It is estimated that around 1 in 5 dogs over the age of 10 will develop some form of cardiovascular disease.

Giving your dog his or her daily dose of seafood dog treats or dog food with the right mix of seafood means a lot when it comes to maintaining your dog’s heart health.

Final Thoughts about Seafood for Dogs: Seafood is most definitely healthy for dogs. However, keep in mind that when feeding your dog seafood-based dog treats or dog food, there are some precautions that you need to observe. Not all seafood is okay to be consumed by our friendly canines, at the same time, seafood that is not cooked and prepared properly can cause a lot of parasites that can lead to other issues.

Shop your dog’s dose of seafood dog treats from K9 Katering. Choose from a variety of treats that is both healthy and yummy! 

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