About Us

The finest and freshest local produce for your cultured canine

At K9 Katering, we pride ourselves in creating an all-natural range of treats that have no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Our treats are Australian Made and come from free-range, grass fed animals.

Where can K9 Katering treats be found?

K9 Katering created the original dog-friendly menu that can be found at one of our 100+ cafe's, restaurants, wine bars & breweries across Australia.

How does the menu work? 

Sit down and enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, wine or other goodies at one of our partnered cafes and share the dining experience with your four-legged friend.  


Production and Nutrition

K9 Katering only use human-grade, premium quality ingredients. That's guaranteed. We dehydrate our products at low temperatures (ranging between 50-75 degrees celsius) for up to 60 hours which removes all the moisture but protects the nutritional integrity of the product.  The end product is a healthy, mouth-watering treat that's filled with real health benefits.

Gourmet Treats Made To Order

At K9 Katering, we understand that dogs are not just a pet but part of the family. Our commitment is to supply treats that are made fresh to order. Our treats are all-natural, nutritious and easy to digest. Nothing is mass produced and no chemicals or preservatives are added.